Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prepping food for the freezer...

My aunt is having a baby on Wednesday so my grandma and I decided to fill her freezer with easy meals for once the little bundle is here.

While my grandma whipped up her chicken tetrazzini, I took to Pintrest to find some fun and yummy staples to add to the mix.

In the past when I have frozen dishes, I like to make sure there is some extra sauce or juice to ensure moisture.  The gram and I think alike as she added extra broth to the chicken tetrazzini.

I found this cool blog on Pintrest and decided to make her Taco Soup, which smelt awesome!

I also whipped up these enchiladas because I know first hand they rock!

I laid out the 10 taco shells and separated the filling as evenly as possible.  I also like to sauce them up a bit by adding salsa to the filling.
Then I put them in the pan, minus the sauce as the blog suggested, and sealed them up.  I like to add a layer of tin foil and then if I need to include a bag of something extra, in this case cheese, then I can pop on top.  In addition, I put the ingredients for the sauce in a separate bag so she has most of the ingredients needed to complete the simple meal.
Last I whipped up some Alfredo Lasagna.  I will for sure need to make this soon as it smelt and looked so good!  In stead of including the cheese on top, I decided to mix it in, but you could do it either way.  Nothing wrong with adding a little extra cheese on top anyways!
Here's hoping they help alleviate some post baby stress!

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