Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July....

I had one of the most wonderfully relaxing and fun weekends!  I visited some friends in Moorhead, and spent some time with my sister.  It was truly a blast-the whole weekend!

The weekend was go-go-go...but in a good way!  I played some bar bingo, card games, ate ridiculously amazing pizza, and ridiculously amazing Fro-yo.  I went for a leisurely tube ride down a river with the sun shinning down and a cold one in my hand.  I took some down time and relaxed in an incredibly nice hotel!  If you ever find yourself in Moorhead, Mn, for whatever reason you might, the Marriott is INCREDIBLE!  I know it sounds unbelievable, but one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in.  And I have stayed in quite a few.

And now it is back to reality.  For two days that is!  Then it's the 4th and I am stoked to have the day off.

I feel rejuvenated by the fact that it is July 1st!  We are 6 months into the year, and 6 months out from twenty 13.

June really was a great month.  Chaz and I got to spend some wonderful time with his parents.  Way more time than we usually get to in a year.  Simply wonderful!  Not only am I blessed with amazing parents but I got damn lucky in the in-law department too!

We went to Alaska and visited Laine.  We have enjoyed great weather and some lovely outdoor meals.  Father's day was a blast with both sets of parents being in town.  That rarely happens anymore!

June however did have it's downsides.  Dealing with my ankle definitely depressed me from time to time.  I imagine the fact that my physical activity has dropped way down due to my injury really doesn't help.  But July is a fresh start.  July allows me to set some mid-year goals and just start getting some shit together.  Ready for this?!?!?!  I know this is a long post but hopefully it will inspire you to make some mid-year goals too!

In regards to the good old ankle:
  1. 30 minutes of stretching/exercise daily
  2. Make physical therapy appointments
  3. Ice bath 5 nights a week
  4. All of the above contingent on physical therapy appointment but I got an x-ray last week and nothing is broken!  Holla!!!!
In regards to life:
  1. Make more meals at home
  2. Clean litter box daily (that shits a bitch!)
  3. Start a savings account simply for vacations
  4. Start intensely funding our "Life" savings account
  5. Pay off the credit card we used to fix Chaz's car emergency last month-did I let y'all know that his catalytic converter was stolen right off his car?  In the middle of the night?  In our parking lot?  And that our deductible was $500 and the repairs came in at $475 (duh?  isn't that how it works?) and we just decided to be grown ups and get his brakes done to?  $700 dollars later and we were ringing in summer! 
  6. Pack lunches and breakfast daily.
  7. Buy coffee only once a week (back to treating myself on Friday's only)
  8. Daily planned physical activity.
  9. Go to bed earlier (trying to shave 1 hour off!)
  10. Make the effort to call my CO grandma once a week...I suck at talking on the phone.  I am either not by my phone, or I always feel busy.  I need to make the effort because it's worth it!  She brightens my day!
  11. Create an intense budget and keep it up monthly
    1. I think this will provide piece of mind and 
    2. allow us to really save money and track it. 
    3. This will also provide an easy forum to allow discussion about future plans.
Chaz and I are moving out of our apartment at the end of July...we only signed a 6 month lease and thank the dear Lord because this place is just too run down and after having parts stolen off of Chaz's car, it's just not worth staying longer.  We are moving back in with my grandma and taking the next few months to discuss some long term goals and hopefully make some decisions on where we want to settle for a while.  Not settle for good, because we like a little adventure in our life, but we want to make some concrete decisions!

Wish me luck!  I am looking forward to the second half of Twenty 13!  Hopefully you are too! 

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