Sunday, July 29, 2012

A busy weekend...

This weekend was a busy one.  It was my bro's birthday, I graduated with my Master's Degree, and we celebrated both!

Today was the perfect Sunday for a family celebration.

The weather was nice, and the sun was shinning!  Goose spent hours in the backyard.  This was a new experience for her.  We have had her outside before, but we never really had her out for extended periods of time.  We kept a water dish out, and kept heading out to play with her, but she pretty much wanted to just be outside, relaxing in the shade.
Before all the festivities began, the sis and I hit up the gym for some body pump, and I followed it up with some broccoli and a veggie corn dog.  It was major yumm-o!
We had a great dinner, followed by some awesome cake.  The bro and I opened some wonderful gifts...much more than we deserved and it was just so relaxing.

Then it was time to get ready for the week.  I made sure to pack some good, healthy lunches.  I hard boiled some eggs, cut up fresh veggies, and prepared two lovely looking salads.
Added some cabbage, cheese, cucumbers, and carrots.
Packed my fav yogurt dressing and bbq sauce-I love adding just a dash of bbq sauce to them a hearty feel.
Threw the salads in a big ass lunch cooler (thank you hubby-finally getting some use out of that huge lunch sack you gave me a few Christmases ago!), top with a banana and sparkling water, and I am set to go!
I also cut up a special k bar my dad brought in from Buffalo for me...little bite size pieces in a good portion size!  Way better then chowing down the whole bar...and it will last longer!  Woo hoo!
And I brewed a pot of strong coffee which I put in the fridge, and in the morning, I will add the coffee I have steeping in the french press.  Should make for the perfect Monday morning jolt!
 Here's hoping all this prep work will help me start my week on the right foot!  With being ridiculously sick last week, I am ready for a fresh start!

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