Thursday, June 28, 2012


OMGAW was I hungry today…a hungry me does not do the world good.  Granted I tend to think of the hunger pains as little pissed off blobs eating away at my fat and doing me a big favor, but straight up, sometimes I think I would rather be fat and content than skinny and hangry.  Well, actually, let’s be real.  I don’t want to be skinny either.  I am striving for healthy, and athletic.  Luckily, I am well on my way to both!!!!  (Insert positive thoughts here!)

And let’s get real.  It’s not easy.  Moderation, exercising, all that crazy crap.  It’s hard.  But it’s worth it.  And once you get in to the swing of things, it definitely gets easier.  I think I am making progress towards the “this shit’s getting easier” mentality.  I am taking steps and making strides to be healthy.  Slow and steady, but steady is the key word.  I have been working on this for over a year.  I have had many successes, on top of many setbacks, but I have continued on.  And that’s what it takes!  I am DOING, not sitting back and watching. 

So instead of reaching into the cookie jar and undoing all of my healthy eating when the HANGRY attack happened, I opted to run to the store and buy a pack of strawberries!  Yeah I ate the whole pack but it was still probably 1/6th of the calories in a big cookie.  And I feel satisfied and content.  Shit, I feel happy in my choice!  If only there was a word for Happy and Content!

Now this weekend, I am headed up Nort to my friends home.  I am so excited to relax and get in some quality hang out time.  Both of us watch what we eat so we can help motivate each other to eat good, and we have decided that Friday night we will enjoy some drinks and give ourselves a break by not counting the points of our drinks.  It’s about moderation and for me, that’s what works best!

Plus I’ll make sure to get in a lot of water action this weekend!

In foot new, I had an X-Ray today and should get those results tomorrow.  I am praying that all looks good so I can at least continue on the rehabilitation track and start getting more exercise in.  My doctor also gave me a referral to a Physical therapist by my work and I am so going to jump on that offer. 

The next month will be busy, but I am looking forward to July.  June was good, but it had it’s down moments.  Here’s to a great month ahead!  I am looking forward to it!

And shout out to my dad!  That awesome bugger bought my Graduation Cap and gown.  That’s right folks!  This chica graduates at the end of July!  I passed my last class, and with a 4.0! 

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