Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Monday...a crazy weekend recap!

Happy Monday!

Here's to another wonderful summer week.  Anybody else looking forward to next weekend already?!?!?!  I know I am!  I live for the weekends!  LOVE THEM!!!!!!

This weekend ranked right up there with the day I was born.  I am drastically exaggerating but I think you get how bomb it was.  Friday and Saturday night I went to the Basilica Block Party in the Mpls with some of my best girlfriends. 

These ladies are amazing!
There were a few key take aways that I learned from both nights:
  1. Cheesy pictures in the rain are just that, cheesy!
  2. Cheeseball!
  3. The Head and The Heart is one hell of an amazing band.
  4. Train knows how to rock it, even after all these years.
  5. Sun while drinking vodka can accelerate many things, and my motor skills were not one of them!
  6. Faith truly is a guard kitty!
  7. I can bike with my ankle! (How do I know? *insert post drunk biking to get to the bar after the concert-and never fear, I had sobered up by this point!)
  8. The Basilica is beautiful! (yeah, duh I took a tour)

It was a great weekend...I love when that happens!  Here's to a great week!  I am seriously looking forward to getting some biking in!  Slowly adding more workout options!  YEAH!

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