Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh hey!

It's been awhile, eh?

I've been busy, and also not busy.  There's just something about staying on top of stuff over the summer...I just am so much slower with any and all indoor activities.  That includes blogging, and also the fact that we are in the middle of moving and I have no motivation to unpack anything.  And it's not like I spend all my time outside.  Nope!  But I just can't get myself to do little tasks.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I have done a lot of organizing.  I have created a great budget, cleaned up all my email accounts, organizing them and creating folders.  When I packed up our apartment, I packed in a well thought out manner.  Since we are in a short term situation right now, I made sure to pack and label items that don't need to be unpacked.  So there are some projects I am excelling on...I guess we can call it a wash.

My ankle is still being a little bitch, but physical therapy next week should hopefully give me some additional answers and more exercises.  I have been biking, swimming, doing stairs (going up stairs feel great!), and weights.  It feels good to be back in action and trying some new forms of exercise.  I miss running like nobody's business though.  There is just something about lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement.  I love the feel of my legs pulling my forward, the sweat dripping down my face, and the feeling of reaching a new distance or goal.  I love pushing myself running and it just sucks not having that in my life right now.

So I'm back.  Hopefully.  I have missed three Wednesday Weigh In's.  One was due to the scale being packed, the second week I lost 1 pound, and yesterday I was hella sick and forgot to weigh myself.  I will get back on that next week!

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday!  Woot woot!  And also the President's Dinner for my Master's Graduation which is taking place Saturday!  Wish me luck!

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