Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Alaska...Part 4

If you missed the first three installments, you can catch up here (or maybe you need a refresher because it has taken me forever to finish it!):

The Tuesday of vacation was interesting.  I woke up ridiculously sore.  My arms, my legs, my thighs, and my butt.  All the scooting, hopping, and arms over the shoulders of tall ass men had taken their toll on my unfit muscles.  The crutches also proved to be a joy, and a pain.  I could walk, sure, but my palms and arms were sore as hell and my one foot hated being the only man on the job.  I was determined, however, to not let this wreck my vacation. So I did what any person with a sprained ankle would do…I went on a small hike. 

Photo by Laine

And then we went shopping.

And then off to a coffee shop and a friend’s house for dinner. 

Photo by Laine

In hindsight, it was probably a bit much.  But seriously, how could I waste a day in Alaska with my foot elevated above my heart…I was not taking this trip laying down.  But I would imagine a few peeps would have preferred me resting at home rather than dealing with my crabby ass Tuesday night.  My foot was in pain, and I was just out of it.  Straight up sat on a coach and watched 2-3 hours of Cupcake Wars…while on vacation in Alaska…ridic! 

Wednesday morning my mother-in-law came home with a wheel chair she had rented!  Woot woot!  Mobile again, but in a more “beneficial to the healing process” way.  I could stay off my feet but still enjoy the vacation.  That day we went to see where Laine works and then we did a scavenger hunt she put together.  It was a blast!  We got to see the town, decipher some clues, and have a few chuckles on behalf of pushing a wheel chair around downtown Juneau in the rain.

Photo by Laine

The rest of the days sort of blur, but the memories don't.  We got to see Laine’s softball team play a double header.  They are the best softball team in Alaska...or is it the opposite of that?!  Guess if anyone wants to find out, they will just have to go visit her!

We visited a salmon hatchery, and went to the Alaskan Brewery for some taste testing and a video presentation.    We shopped the small, local shops, and saw an amazing Folk Band...still kicking myself for not buying their cd!

And before we knew it, it was time to head home.  I wish I can say that I wasn't ready to leave, but I kept thinking about how I was ready to go home, and start planning my return trip for when I am back to my active self.  I knew it would be hard to leave Laine, and it was.  I love being with family, and it's always hard to realize how far we are from each other, but it is also such a realization that we are always only a few plane rides away.   

It was a blast, and I can't wait to go back!  

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