Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last weekend I went camping with two lovely ladies...one of my best friends Tonya, and her coworker Cassie.

We headed to a great state park in Central MN.  After a host of issues with the reservation (umm...don't you think they should post in bold letters that the bathrooms may be closed?!?!) we were all set to go.

We arrived Friday afternoon, did some grocery shopping, then started setting up camp.

Now in the good old days, I was definitely a tom boy.  I was rough and tough and loved rolling around in the mud.  Now a days I'm a bit more of a girly girl.  Yes I still love getting down and dirty with my bad self but I was a bit nervous about a "true" camping experience without the hubby.  My main concern was getting a fire started!  Oh yeah, and those bathrooms.  Of course the hubby gave me a pep talk, but I was still a bit worried.  Luckily we had camp expert Cassie to run the joint...that girl had it all under control!

And even though the camp ended up opening their bathrooms, they only opened the ones on the south end.  This equalled quite a hike for a quick pee break.  However, Cassie had the balls to bring up bringing her mom's portable "luggable" loo-yep, you heard me right!-just in case it was needed.  While I was hesitant at first, I must say that that little loo got a lot of late night action, especially since we were getting our drink on!  BEST IDEA EVER!

Photo by Tonya

We were all over staying hydrated!

The first night we played games, we drank, and ate some ridiculously awesome chili!  We straight up ate like Queens this weekend!  Sure Boys can start fires and pee standing up, but hell, girls can cook and we certainly did!

The first night was chili with all the fixings!  We brought Chili from Chaz's work so all we had to do was heat it up!  Perfect since we ate around 9 pm! 

The next morning we pulled out the good old pudgy pie makers and whipped up some stuffed french toast. 

Since we ate at 11 am, we didn't get around to lunch until after a long hike so we had lunch around 5.  And of course we had to use those little pudgy pie makers again to make some grilled cheese!  Seriously, fricken delicious!

Photo by Tonya

And the final morning we had eggs topped with chili and cheese and some morningstar sausages on the side.  Again, yummy!

We laughed, we cried, we made fun of Tonya traipsing off to find "free" fire wood!  That girl was all about the kindling and we pretty much figured we would find her in a tree somewhere.  We made fun of the DNR front desk lady.  She was a royal biatch and really made for some great late night campfire jokes.  Her name was Roxanne...and we will never forget her!

We packed up early as it was Mother's Day, and headed off to celebrate our respective mother's, but not without feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and just a little bit more outdoorsy! 

I can't wait for the next girls camping weekend!  Hell, the boys can come too but I'm not sure their skills will measure up!

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