Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Portable Loo...

That title is going to leave you guessing, because I am not going to recap my camping trip until tonight but hopefully it leaves you wanting more!

I weigh in on Wednesday's but this Wednesday I was so busy running out the door to an Orthopedic appointment that I forgot to do it...and again this morning.  I haven't missed a weigh in for a few months now.  And of course if happens the week I started partnering with a friend for continued motivation and support.  We will share our ups and downs with each other and hopefully it will have us both feeling bomb!  I have been on the down slope so all together I am feeling great, but I want to keep it up! 

This week has been full of homework and prepping for our trip to Alaska!  I even bought myself some mother fricken hiking boots!
I'm gonna have to find some hiking trails in the MN to make the purchase worth it but I am down for the challenge.  They're totally men's boots, not like the female hiking boots were anymore more feminine, but I wouldn't have minded a pink shoe lace or something to make them girly...I digress.  But I am stoked to have some wonderful, water proof shoes to really get down and dirty in Alaska.  I can not wait to take it all in! 

And I have two (one for sure) races coming up.  I have a 5k this Saturday, and maybe another 5k while in Alaska.  I have only been doing small, 1-2 mile runs, as I was waiting until after my Ortho appointment to really kick it into gear, so I don't really feel prepared...but then again, they're 5k's.  I now how, and can run a 5k, so really, there's no excuses.  We'll see what I decide.  This Saturday's run will be a good gauge!

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