Friday, September 23, 2011

This may result in me getting a DVR...

So Thursday night, as often considered growing up, is tv watching night. I am going to try and get back into the Office. I haven't paid much attention to it the last two years but it's time to give it some love!

I also really enjoyed the season premiere of Whitney, which was on after the Office, and following those babies up with a little Jersey Shore for now equals a pretty bomb night!

Thursday nights I am generally free, although I never put off my social life for tv! However, Up all night is on Wednesday night...the same night as flag football! Up All Night is surprisingly good too! Granted it is just the beginning but I see great potential!

So, the dilemma I invest in DVR so that I can keep up with my shows? I am trying to weigh the decision because I know that if I get DVR, I will be pulled to watch tv, and I am pretty sure I would stress myself out thinking of all the shows I have piling up...I can't help it...I have a few anal characteristics left! I guess being a grown up really is!

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