Monday, September 12, 2011

A family weekend...

I had a great weekend. My little bro came home from college and I really needed to see him! I had missed him since he left 3 weeks ago. Like teared up twice looking at pictures of him as a young pup type of missed him.

I spent the entire weekend out in B*town. Friday night we enjoyed the family's favorite Mexican restaurant and I never get out there so I indulged! For this reason, I knew Saturday was all about tracking my points and getting some sort of work out in! We headed to the golf course at 3 and I decided to wear my work out clothes, even though I would not be playing golf...nope, I was driving the cart and going to sneak in some exercises! For the first 5 or 6 holes, at each stop, I either did cardio, strength, or stretching...what I did? Push ups, sit ups, running back and forth between the two carts, running to the green to be the flag biatch, then running back down! I honestly got in a great work out! And all weekend I tracked my points, I just totally ate my weeklies within two nights! lol...I am so funny!

And my husband took my out on a date night last night so that really did not help the whole point situation BUT, I am tracking everything and at least staying with the game from a mental aspect! And, he is just so darn cute, you can't pass up being asked out to dinner by him! I am tracking what I eat though and that is the hardest part for is hard for me to log on to the site, and write down everything I eat, because it just seems tedious, but I am doing it!

So today is Monday, and I am ready for the week...I have homework to do tonight, but I am also going to punch out a good, sweaty workout, and maybe bake some treats for work!

Things I have cemented into my brain:

  • A small frilly drink at Starbucks is plenty...keeps the point count down while still enjoying a treat!

  • You can find time to work out, no matter where you are or what you are doing!

  • my brother grew up too fast!

  • I will never understand statistics!

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