Monday, June 13, 2011

I think I can...

I think I can 100% say that I have not followed WW for over a month…while a few mornings a week I pop on and fill out the online tracker, I generally forget to go back later and complete my day, and therefore consume much more than I used to. When I don’t track, I forget about those little snack choices made throughout the day and I just can’t seem to get myself back in the motion of writing everything down so those little choices don’t end up being added pounds. I don’t want or need to be insanely strict, but I feel like every night I tell myself I will track the next day, and every day, I fail to track all day. I just need to get back in the groove…I need to get back to paying attention.

Luckily my working out has not faltered too much. I did go through a few weeks where I was only working out once or twice a week but now I am back to working out every day, except once or twice a week. I am training for a half marathon, and that has helped me get motivated, but I just need to really find my niche again. In reality, WW is pretty easy. There are so many foods that I can walk up to right now and know the points off hand. So why is it so hard? Still trying to figure this out but I was reading a blog today that said, you will fail if you have an all or nothing attitude….I refuse to have that attitude. So it has been a hard month. So I have eaten more points and not lost weight. I just have to keep trucking along, my head clear and focused, and jump right back on…maybe that is the key. Maybe in order to make this a lifestyle change, you have moments, weeks, months that you maybe lose focus, but at some point, before it is too late, before all your work is lost, you jump back and smack yourself back into place.

Uh, all a pain in my tush! I did get a new pair of running shoes though! Oh, so pretty! Not gonna lie, with big feet like mine, they never really offer you the cute shoes because the cute shoes never come in Giant size…but this may be proof that they now do! My mom always taught me, it is about the best shoe, not looks, therefore I just go in and ask for the best running shoe in my size. Yesterday I got the best shoe, and they are pretty cute! Win win for Adara!

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