Thursday, June 23, 2011

taking a break...

So today was a great day of tracking my food intake with WW! I really love when I have a successful day and remember to track everything! I enjoyed a movie and dinner out with Alyssa tonight! Just an fyi, Sunmaid Raisinettes are 4p+ for 30...a very nice movie treat and I do not feel deprived! Of course I am also not opposed to sneaking in my own bag of light popcorn but with dinner at CPK before hand, that was not necessary this time!

Last night I did the 30 day shred and it was a nice break from running. And I had planned to do it again today, however, my mom and I are going to meet for our big run tomorrow so I decided that I would take the day off and really give my foot some rest. I just don't get what is up with it. One minute it will feel fine and the next, it feels like a muscle is pulled or something. I am icing, rolling my foot on a tennis ball, and of course resting it so let's hope it pays off! And good thing I am getting a big run in tomorrow cause I am going out with my Auggie ladies tomorrow night and may have a few drinks! Not too many though as Saturday morning I will be up bright and early for a 5k in Sauk Rapids!

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that I got promoted at work? I am moving to a new department on the 5th of July! I will be working with store presentation and am super excited for this new adventure!

In addition, Chaz could use some prayers, thoughts, and good vibes. He has been working tirelessly to find a job and nothing is seeming to budge. It is getting just a bit ridiculous over here! So thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

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