Monday, June 20, 2011


Tonight was a magical night...just a boat load of family fun and togetherness. We met my cousins and aunt to pick out a wedding dress for her (Yes! She is engaged!). And I am over the moon stoked to have a new wedding to provide advice for (or help plan!). I really must consider this as a future profession!

We went to a shop in St. Paul but due to the fact that we need the dress in 4 months, they really could not work within the time constraints. That, and the lady helping us was a Royal Biatch! We found a dress my aunt liked, but she didn't feel amazing in it so we headed over to a shop in St. Louis Park quickly before they closed. The whole experience was completely opposite!

They had racks of dresses that were ready for trying on. Tons of options, not to mention a group of overly helpful staff members doting on Kristie as she was the only bride there. Her first dress was the one, and we all knew it, but she tried on a few more just to be sure. Needless to say, she bought the one!

After that we celebrated with a large family dinner at Pizza Luce. My Aunt, cousins, grandma, mom, Thomas and husband. It was a joyous event. We were all happy and smiling. And it really made me realize how lucky and blessed we are!

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