Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last night I had an amazing run and was really proud of myself for not letting the weather get in the way. I am finding as I log more mile outdoors, I am not a huge fan of running on the treadmill. Needless to say, when I arrived home, there was a break in the rain and the sky cleared up a bit, so I decided to head out. I told the husband my running plan so he could come out in case of bad weather and off I went.

Last week I bought new running shoes, ones with more cushion: Asics Gels. They are much heavier then my Nike Free Runs so I almost feel like I am re-training but honestly, the Nike Free Runs got me where I am and for that I am grateful. I just can’t risk using that little of support on my long runs. Anyhoo, with this whole retraining thing, my first few miles are a bit hard. Whereas I used to punch out 3-4 miles with no stops, I am now having to stop and do some leg stretching. Last night was as usual, the first two miles were little biatches, but then I found my flow! It was an amazing feeling to really empower myself to keep going and in addition, for my body to just get comfortable and happy. Honestly, when running, that happens! You get to a point where your body just gets comfortable and is ready to keep going! I did my run and thought when I mapped it out that it was around 6 miles but I must have missed part of it or calculated incorrectly cause the run ended up being 4.27 miles…that part sucked a bit cause I could have kept going but I am looking forward to my next run and in a few more days, I will try and log a longer run! With my half marathon less than two weeks away, this girl has got to get her shiznit together!

Wednesday 6/22 - 30 Day Shred (letting foot rest, outter edge acting up)
Thursday 6/23 – 30 Day Shred (still more rest! gotta be safe!)
Friday 6/24 – Rest
Saturday 6/25 – 5k in St. Cloud
Sunday 6/26 – 8-10 mile run (let’s hope I don’t die)
Monday 6/27 – Cross training at gym…30 day shred video
Tuesday 6/28 – 5-6 mile run
Wednesday 6/29 – 4 mile run
Thursday 6/30 – 2 mile run
Friday 7/1 – 1.5 mile run
Saturday 7/2 – Rest and Yoga
Sunday 7/3 – Rest
Monday 7/4 – Half Marathon (Happy 4th of July!)

And just one more thing, peaches are really in season! So much in season, I am pretty sure my mouth is sore from the acid as I have been eating so many!

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