Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So for our eight year anniversary, Chaz and I decided to take a trip up to Duluth. We headed up Saturday morning after sleeping in and getting caught up from the busy week. We took to the road and stopped past Forest Lake for a lazy lunch. There was no rush and this made it even more relaxing.

We got to Duluth and checked into our hotel room in Canal Park. The view as you are coming over the hill into Duluth is breathtaking. It is just vast, open water. And in the afternoon sun, it simply glistened. Luckily we had found a room right in Canal Park so we could see the water from our room.

Most of the trip consisted of us walking around Canal Park, enjoying the view from the lakeside, and trying some new restaurants. Saturday night we took a drive around Duluth but really didn’t see too much else that was interesting. I think if I go again I would love some pointers from someone.

We ended our trip as relaxed as it started. We got up, had breakfast, and headed out for a drive. We were going to head home and last minute decided we had nothing to get home for and could enjoy watching a large ship come in mid-afternoon. So we walked the port and checked out a few stores and were ready with cameras in hand as this huge ship came into port. It really was so cool to see.

We finished off f our trip with a late lunch/early dinner at this eclectic restaurant and started making our way home. It really was a nice relaxing way to celebrate eight years together.


Julie said...

congratulations on 8 years! so glad you took time to celebrate!!

Laine said...

Adara! All of your picutres are great :-) First I wanted to tell you that you can layer smaller rocks with coffee beans, I have that and it works :-) Als you are supposed to have odd number of bamboo, in order to have lucky bamboo :-)