Saturday, April 17, 2010

For the love of food!

Last week was a bit of a break for all of us on the healthy train. Maybe if I was more honest, I would say the last two weeks, but honesty is for the birds! lol...but I really feel like we are all back on track.

I am finally able to wear shoes! Yeah! I put on a pair of tennis shoes today and I have not even really realized my toe! I am already planning my first long walk (starting back slow). And I am at a hockey event all weekend but I have been making great food choices and not falling into the normal pitfalls like chips, donuts, candy...nope, yogurt, carrots, fruit, and meats for me! And of course a shit load of coffee on this hectic weekend!

Both Tonya and Laura are back to their lowest weights since we started this "life change"! Yeah! I have not stepped on a scale yet. I wanted to this morning but it was too early and I was running around cause I am always late! lol...but I want to step on and just be accountable in that area. I am done using my toe as an excuse, but as Tonya says, there is always a new excuse! I'll let you know when I figure my next one out!

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