Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So it has been a little bit since I have updated. It seems like when I get home, I am either running around doing who knows what, or by the time I get on my computer, I am not in the mood or just too run down to update…even though it is something I thoroughly enjoy!

This past weekend Chaz and I ventured up to Duluth. It was a great, relaxing time. We took in some shopping and sightseeing, and drank some crazy huge 44 oz. Margaritas which inevitably lead to us only eating like ¼ of our dinner! May have also been the reason we were in bed by 11pm that night!

Sunday was probably the most fun. We had planned to check out, take one last little drive around and head out, but we decided to stick around and watch one of the freight ships come in. We just realized that we had nothing to get home for and did not need to rush.
After walking around a bit more, taking in some shopping, we made it back to port mid-afternoon and watched this huge boat come in. So amazing to see! It was just fricken huge! And when it was over, we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner before heading back. It was simply all around relaxing.

And now it is back to a crazy week. Work has been non-stop but I have enjoyed it. Of course the days go by faster but it is great to feel needed, appreciated, and useful throughout the day. I find it very rewarding.

Last week I got my in-grown toe nail taken out so I have not worked out. Obviously I have made the decision to not weigh myself during this time. I do not need that pressure, especially when I can’t even wear real shoes yet! Yesterday I tried wearing flats and it was too much so back to open toe sandals it is! Thank gosh my work is understanding!

Laura too has hit a plateau and she enjoyed a weekend of food while at Dave’s parents and Tonya is getting back on track from Easter but all around, we are in good spirits and motivated to get healthy! Hopefully this week will lead to extra willpower and we will see some numbers next week…I am thinking about doing an improvised workout tonight! We will see how it goes!

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