Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First off, Mikey and Mom are enjoying their first Twins game at the new stadium! They have been sending some pics and keeping us posted. Pretty sure they just want to make all us working folk jealous. However, it is raining, and the new stadium is outdoors, so, have fun Mike and Mom!

Ah, and today truly is a good rainy day. Truly, one every once in a while, cures the soul. When the sun is out, I want to play and run around; be crazy as hell. Pretty much go non-stop till the sun goes down. On rainy days, I feel like I am getting a break. There is nothing to do outside, so I can stay in, be productive, take some time to relax.

At work, I hunker down in my cube enjoying the lamps that I have brought in for a cozier atmosphere. Coffee, tea, anything warm and smooth is more inviting. In the way an ice cold beer and a walk around the lakes is on a sunny day.

When I get home, depending on if I am motivated or not, it is easier to get my homework done, clean the areas where I pile up shit on those sunny days, take the pictures off the camera; you know, the ones that have been on there for a few months! And it’s oh so easy to curl up on the couch, watch some tv, pull out a book, or partake in a little knitting. Sounds like a Minnesota winter only warmer (thank gosh for that)!

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