Monday, May 10, 2010

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks!

Chaz and I use rocks in a lot of our decorating. I never used to be a rock gal, but I think my western boy has changed me. Out in Nevada, instead of flowers of gardens, they have gardens of rocks!

We have big rocks and little rocks!

Rocks in vases and rocks just chillin...

Rocks relaxin on the beach!

Even random rocks that Chaz has collected on our adventures!

When I was at Ikea with Laura last week, we found a few more ways I could add rocks to my decor!

Start with a box frame.

Fill with beautiful little rocks!

Close up and bam! Art!
And how about some rocks and greenery!
Take two bamboo plants, rocks and a vase.

Put the plants in the vase and fill with rocks. To keep these little babies alive, just make sure the vase is always filled with water! Easy!

So a big thanks to Ikea for showing me even more ways to add rocks to my apartment!

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MollyinMinn said...

Just stumbled across your blog after reading Matt Logelin's. And of course, being from Minnesota, too, I got sucked into reading. We too have a bamboo that looks very similar. Ikea?