Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wonderful March Weekend...

This weekend was a nice, relaxing, get stuff done weekend.

Friday night I made dinner with my brother who was home from college and we played cards with my grandma. There is nothing better then spending time with family. These are the moments I will always remember.

Saturday morning my mom and I logged a 5.5 mile run. Much more then I expected, but my mom is good at pushing and motivating. I would say I am ready for the 5k next weekend.
I was hit with a migraine afterwards but luckily I had some good medicine and my nice bed to help me recover. Although my head was sore the rest of the evening, I was able to enjoy some Mexican food with my family.

I don't get migraines often, maybe one a year, but when I get them, I am knocked right down! Hopefully it will be a while before the next one.

Today, a perfectly relaxing Sunday, I worked on homework, hung with my family and husband, and did some cleaning and organizing.
That pile to the left is all donate...and that is probably only half of what I will have once I go through my dresser.

Dinner tonight was a delicious taco pizza!
1 package pre-made TJ's pizza dough
1 can TJ's light Organic Salsa Pinto Beans
1 lb. organic hamburger
taco seasoning
3 tbsp. salsa
1.5 cups light Mexican cheese

I pre-baked the crust, topped with the beans, hamburger mixture, salsa and cheese, baked for an additional 5-10 minutes, then topped with lettuce, chips, sour cream, salsa, what have you!

So good, and depending on additional toppings, you get 8 pieces for 6pp each...and the pieces are a nice size! I know I used a lot of Trader Joe's items but you can use your favorite brand.

I finished my night by packing up the tie blanket I made this weekend. I am donating it to a silent auction for a little boy whose family is from my dad's hometown. It sure feels nice to help out where I can!
Sleep good! I am off to bed so I can get up and head to the Y in the morning!

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