Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh hi there!

Hey there! Friday I turned in my final paper! One more class to go, and I will be done! But I really took the end of last week to just focus on that paper and punch it out! I was happy with the paper, and hopefully can use it for my final course (25 page paper for that baby!), and this teacher was on her A game because grades were up already yesterday when I checked on a whim! 4.0 baby! It felt really good to see that, and now I am all that much closer to graduation!

I have a four week break before my next and last course starts. I really love having the free time and am looking forward to that when I graduate! With my free time, I have been making more dinner at home! We have been eating lots of fresh salads!
And playing around with meals! We bought these Pepridge Farm sandwich thins A. because they are healthier, and B. because we never finish off a pack of buns...they always go to waste! With these cute little fishes, I am able to make sandwiches for lunch, pb&j's for breakfast and just toast with butter. Below is a picture of our sloppy joes and sweet potato tots! I would maybe use regular sandwich thins for sloppy joes since the mouth cutout on the fish makes it a bit flimsy but I loved the taste and texture and it was the right amount of bread!
And I have had more time to run! My <3! I signed up for a 10k on April 28th and have started logging miles! I run slow (whatev's, at least I am running), but I just want to feel GOOD when I run this 10k! I want to be trained so there are no injuries and I want to maybe improve on my speed.
I found a beginner's 10k work out plan online and copied it into a word.doc and played around to make it perfect for me! It includes cross training, which I love, and rest days! Tomorrow will be my first rest day after 3 good, hard days of working out. I am looking forward to it!

I love cross training because personally, I would not be able to run without it. Cross training helps me make sure my muscles are strong, healthy, and ready to pound the pavement. I love incorporating the 30 day shred, yoga, classes at the Y, and other dvds.

So yeah, that's a lot, but I felt like some good catch up was worth it!

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