Friday, March 2, 2012

I need to take pictures with my nice camera...

I have been busy, and kinda meh...actually, I go through ups and downs, like sometimes I'm super happy, sometimes chill, sometimes relaxed, and sometimes just meh...not unhappy, just meh. Right now I'm kind meh. Bet you couldn't have guessed that. I am sure tonight I will be happy, and maybe even relaxed. The quirks of life! Not the facts of life; just the quirks.

My life has been filled with work, homework, and running. The Irish for a Day 5k is next Saturday and it has been nice to have a reason to run! It has been fun having my mom down the street (they moved in with D. Lo), as we can pop out for a run together!

I have also been doing a bit of cooking. Chaz and I made these egg boats this week. We followed the recipe pretty closely, but only made two loafs...I think you could use a variety of fillings, and for 2 baguettes, we still used 5 or 6 eggs! I don't know where the original poster purchased her loaves but mine were the demi loaves from Target.

And last weekend I got snowed in up in good old Moorhead, Mn. and decided to do some more baking.

Spinach bake

Blackberry Cobbler

Brown Sugar Banana Blueberry Muffins

And other then baking this weekend, Tonya and I went to this cute craft fair where I got some raw honey, and a few other trinkets. I also bought myself a french press which I have put to good use, and on the way home from Moorhead (which was Monday since I got snowed in Sunday), I stopped at this cute little truck stop and bought some delicious organic jelly! Yummy!

And yeah, I know my pictures aren't the is just so handy to use my iPhone instead of pulling out my big camera, but I like taking pictures, and making them look nice, so I should probably stop being so lazy. And maybe I can even commission my husband to take some photos for me!

Thanks gosh it's the weekend! Happy Friday Peeps!

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