Tuesday, November 9, 2010

updates galore...

Big changes are in the future for the MN based Durgin clan. Come Dec. 31st, we will officially reside with D. Lo. This will help offset the cost of owning a house for her and additionally, will allow Mr. Chaz and myself to start saving some money! Woot woot! This will be a short term move, maybe around 6 months, as we are looking to find a bigger place, maybe in a suburb! No buying! Just continued renting! We are not ready to plant our roots yet but we do want something a little more “house” like!

We are also looking at fostering a cat just like Faith. I say foster as if she does not get along with Faith, we can continue to find a place for her to call home, but if they get along, we may add another family member to our little family! More to come but for sure two cats is my max! I don’t want a house full of cats someday! Just a few furry friends! And we have always wanted a dog so that is in the distant future but when this does happen, I am sure Faith will NEVER TALK TO US AGAIN CAUSE WE ARE MEAN HUMAN PEOPLE FOR BRINGING A DOG INTO THE HOUSE---Faith has a pretty large attitude which is why I emphasized that statement!

School is going great for both myself and Chaz. I am loving what I am learning and working really hard to get a good grade as this is required in order to receive financial aid and without financial aid I could not afford school and would have to pay back student loans which I also can not offered…ah the joys of growing up! But Chaz is well on his way to graduating. He has a year to a year and a half left and is really looking forward to getting his hands dirty and getting out into the “real” world. It is hard at this age to be a full time student and I completely understand. You want to be making money and providing but we just look ahead to the future and how this will benefit the end means!

So yeah, all is good! Life is great, the holidays are around the corner, and we are enjoying our little life in the big city!

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