Friday, November 12, 2010

Flash back Friday and a post!

Forgive the flashing, I was singing Santa Baby!

Every year I get so excited when the holiday season starts to arrive. I love the warm decorations, the crisp air outside, and the wonderful Christmas music that I can blast from my car radio from Thanksgiving to Christmas day. What I do not look forward to is the premature nature of the retail world and their insistence on blasting Christmas music and dousing their locations in red and green puke right after Halloween. Seriously, the Tuesday after Halloween, Election night, me and my BFF for life Laura went to get our scrap on and WHAM! Christmas music…I have to admit that they were playing it very softly and it was a bit therapeutic, however, it was TOO soon! Additionally, the second job I have procured, which I seriously love! (-no joke! This is a fun job!), has also started playing Christmas music! That’s right! An entire shift of Christmas music, once or twice a week, for the duration of November and December…TOO SOON! I know I would have loved this as a kid, and only Lord knows why my parents did not take me to Archivers or retail locations more often so I could get my fix, but as an adult, you realize the absurdity of Christmas music in November. It truly takes away from the Spirit of Christmas, the Glow of the season. When that magical day finally arrives, we are turning our radio stations back to rap, pop, country, classic rock, WHAT HAVE YOU, as we are completely and utterly sick of hearing the same Christmas song every hour on the hour as we have been listening to it for the last two months and can’t possibly listen to it anymore.

I digress…make sure to remember what this season is about. It’s about love, joy, faith, friendship, and the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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