Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake pull!

Has anyone ever heard of a cake pull? Well, since having an amazing wedding, like many brides, I am a bit obsessed with weddings! Fancy that! Anyways, I occasionally like to Google what’s new on the wedding front, even though I am happily married! Maybe I will use some of the traditions I find for a vow renewal! Who knows!

So this tradition seems like a nice one, as long as it is pulled off in an “interesting” manner. The tradition is to tie a ribbon to little charms. The charms are placed in the cake, with the ribbon protruding, and the bride and groom can pick who pulls the charms out. May be the parents, family, or wedding party. Each charm has a meaning behind it and this meaning can be announced when the charm is pulled from the cake. Check out this site for a list of traditional charms and their meanings

I could see this activity going one of two ways. Either splendidly well, or a complete bomb! I think it is key to figure out how you will pull the charms, what you will say, and how much guest involvement is used. Does each bridesmaid pull a charm, say what it is, and read the meaning to the guests? This could be part of the speeches section of a wedding and could be more of a “well wishes” type of activity. Like I said though, with little planning, this could seem like an unplanned, messy event and that is not what any bride wants on their wedding day.

I will add that even though I described using this tradition at a wedding, I have read that people do them for birthday’s, shower’s, and other sorts of parties. I see this being a great activity at any of these events!

So there you have it! A cake pull! I have always wanted to be a wedding planner, especially since J-Lo showed me how it’s done. Maybe this is some foresight into my future. Pretty sure every bride thinks they could be a wedding planner…but really, most of us shouldn’t! Ah, to take my own advice or not to take my own advice? That is the question!

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