Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writers block, so to speak...

This post has been up on my computer for about two weeks now.  I pop it open, add a few bits and pieces, but I have been taking my time, letting my thoughts flow.  I have become disconnected from this blog over the past few months.  I have taken breaks from writing before, but I was always searching for new ideas, new perspectives to blog about, even if I wasn’t blogging frequently.  I have snapped numerous pictures on my phone of food, tips and tricks, and my day to day activities.  I like thinking about my blog throughout the week mainly because I blog for myself.  After years of journaling, I decided I wanted to have my own little piece of the inter-world.  A place I could go to spill my guts, seek motivation, and keep the occasional family member in the know.  A place to vent, to celebrate successes, and to keep a record-that being my main purpose.  It’s fun to look back two or three years ago and see where I was at in life.  So many changes have occurred, just over the course of this blog, and it’s cool to look back. 

So I guess I am not really sure why I have been having writers block.  And maybe it’s not even writers block, but rather lack of motivation. I am the queen of putting too much on my plate, and filling every waking hour, and this little blog here seems to fall to the waist side.  I know that doesn’t sound like a bad thing, seeing as I’m out there, living life, but part of my life is writing, and recording.  Having a journalism degree and a background in history, I am fascinated in historical non-fiction.  I love asking my grandparents questions about their past, their history, and I would hope someday, my family can find something interesting with my past, even if it is a bunch of healthy recipes and workout recaps.  It’s still part of who I am. 

My point is, I hope I start writing a little bit more. 

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