Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a Tuesday...

Days like today confuse the shit out of me.  I can go from one extreme to the next in such a short time.   I spent my lunch break looking at houses, dreaming about someday being able to afford one, along with paying off my car loan, paying off that one nagging credit card that grows every time we take a vacation, and making a dent in my student loans.  Then tonight I am in my kitchen, one that I share with my grandma since I live with her, thinking about how my life effing rocks, giddy as hell, all while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my breakfast tomorrow.  Seriously, this is what my brain spewed at me in like 2.2 seconds: how lucky am I to be able buy delicious organic peanut butter, and healthy bread, and pack a awesome lunch.  And my cats are so awesome and my husband is coming home tonight from visiting his friends and I worked out and I am making a yummy dinner and I can't wait for my morning coffee and squirrel and I should have the hubs pick up soda water because I love soda water and I can't wait to take a bath later and on and on and on and on and on!  Yup, that's how my brain works!  All the fricken time!  Hahaha! I just ramble!  But the moral of the story is, I don't give a shit about what I don't have.  Well, ok that's a lie, but I'm pretty effing happy with what I do have!

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