Friday, March 1, 2013

A March sugar rush...

Ah, yeah. So for the first day of March, I have eaten a shit load of surgery crap. In fact, that has been my week. I only took one rest day (last night), which is maybe why I feel even more bloated and crappy, but I think I am going to have to swear off sweats for a few days. TOO MANY!

In parts of my life, I would swear one could never get enough desserts and sweets. Then there are other times I want to straight up drink nothing but carrot juice to unclog my mind and body. Ugh, the sugary goodness of desserts can just make me feel bloated, bogged down, and my brain is a fricken blur. So obviously, my body is not feeling very nourished or fueled right now. And to think, it’s the first of March. I could have started it off so much better. But, I think I am going to make the conscious effort to ensure the rest of the day is on track!

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