Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 2: Gifts and Dessert

You can tell I have been sick because I started out this 2 post journey with every intention of getting them both out in the same day, but alas, it did not happen.

So after our lovely date at the MOA, Chaz and I came home to have a dessert I had made the night before. I got the recipe from here. I adjusted a bit by adding a graham cracker crust...the pie crust I initially made was horrible. I bought a dry mix and lets just say, that is never happening again.
My husband waited patiently while I arranged the cheery topping! He loves cheesecake with cherries and this tasted just like cheesecake!
See, a heart for Valentine's day!
Happy man!
Then we exchanged gifts. Chaz got a year subscription to Backpacker Magazine...
And a fun t-shirt...nom nom nom!
And I got to pick out this little number while we were at the mall! He made me feel truly spoiled that night!
Hope everyone had a fantastic day! I love taking time to celebrate every holiday because, well, life is short. So get out there and celebrate President's day today! I will be doing so with a Netti pot, Kleenex, airborne, and some Panera soup! I feel like this cold is finally breaking!

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