Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February...

Welcome February! I don't know about you but so far we have had a mild winter and even if we get dumped on from here on out, January rocked, and usually it doesn't, so I am good! We are one month closer to summer and that is what keeps my chugging along!

And since it is February, we are only 14 days away from Valentine's day! While this holiday has had every reputation under the sun: some like, some hate it, some are depressed by it, some don't care about it, some wish it was every day. I say, why not take the opportunity to celebrate each and every holiday you can! They are few and far between so let's have a good time!

You don't need a significant other to can celebrate with anyone you love! Parents, siblings, friends, whoever you want! Scratching your brain for what to do?
  • Homemade dinner and dessert at home
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Heart shaped pizza from a local pizza joint
  • Watch a scary movie
  • Watch a romantic movie
  • Have a group of girlfriends over and give each other manicures
  • Wine and appetizer party
  • An evening of watching your favorite tv show on Netflix or on Demand.
  • Making homemade shakes and malts and buying crazy straws to drink them with
  • Take a fun workout class...Yoga anyone?!
  • An indoor, or if you are lucky, and outdoor, picnic
  • A random week night shopping trip
Stuck on what to get those special people in your lives?
  • Those cute little Valentine's from grade school, they can still bring a smile to an adults face
  • Mani/pedi at a local salon
  • Homemade cookies
  • A gerber daisy in a simple vase with some greenery
  • homemade chocolates....check this fun recipe out!
  • homemade coupons...think "One Homemade Dinner" for a friend or family member or "One night of babysitting" for a couple that could use a night out!
  • Bottle of wine or a case of beer with a fun glass to drink it in
And if you really want to have a good time, break out a good old paper lunch sack and get your household in the spirit! Set them out the week prior and during the week, family and friends can place little trinkets in the bag and everyone gets to go through them on Valentine's day!

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