Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The awkward space between...

This past year was pretty interesting as far as trying to get healthy.

I made a commitment last December to get healthy. I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Weight Watchers online.

Around the time of my 25th birthday, I had dropped almost 25 pounds.

Then, I just kind of settled. I would focus, and then not focus. I was motivated, and then not motivated. Well, that's just life. But I would rather go through those lulls at an all around lower weight and a healthier lifestyle. Through the back and forth lulls I have managed to put back on 10 pounds. Ah, sucks putting that out there...but really, I settled.

I know weight and health is at the fore front of many people's minds. We are constantly trying to fit a mold, or reach a certain goal, or look a certain way. I am lucky enough that I am generally happy with myself and my features. Sometimes I feel I look pudgy and bloated, but other times I think I look damn good. Interestingly enough, it is not my body that I pay as much attention to when I am working out and eating right, it is the mental state that I focus on. I get a wonderful high from working out, it just seems a pain to get to that point. Why is that?

I have been getting in a few runs, and workouts at the Y. I am running a 5k again for my birthday. Definitely something I am going to try and anniversary. And fancy that, Pintrest has given me a few gems. I just started adding this to my routine today...I loved it and right now, I am feeling the burn.

I know this isn't easy, and I know this won't happen over night, but I don't want to continue in the wrong direction. Time to switch it up!

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