Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A quote on the white board...

I was beat last night. All I wanted to do was relax. And relax I did, after a wonderful fitness yoga class I took after work. Maybe that is what put me in the mood to relax the rest of the night. The last 5 minutes of class, when the lights were off and we were all in our meditative poses, relaxing, I got this big ass grin on my face and felt insanely giddy inside. I was so happy to be in that moment, relaxing after a great workout, and not have anywhere else to be or to be doing. It was bliss!

And while at the gym yesterday, they had a great quote on the bored. "Those who seek rest, find boredom. Those who seek work, find rest." I believe they said Dylan Thompsom said this but I could not find it on line. But, hello! This is exactly what I wrote about yesterday! The YMCA dry erase board read my mind!

After my workout, Chaz and I went out for Mexican and talked about our plans for the holidays. It was a nice little Monday night date! I am looking forward to the week! Should be a good one.

And since I was so tired last night, I did not write a thankful post so today you get two!

What am I thankful for today?

1. I am thankful that last weekend I was able to surprise my Colorado family with an impromptu trip out there. Those memories and the excitement will last me for a while!

2. I am thankful to have a body that allows me to run, jump, walk, skip, stretch, and do most physical activities. I feel empowered and strengthened when I can be active and really put it to good use.

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