Thursday, November 3, 2011

movin on up...

Yesterday I joined the Y downtown, which is only a few city blocks from my work! I am making an effort to go either before or after work.

I love being back at the Y. I love the nice big locker rooms, the variety of workout equipment, and the pool! The smell of that place reminds me of being on the swim team when I was little. And I have successfully worked out the last two days after work! Gotta keep it up.

I have backed off the running train a bit because of some pain in my feet and knees. I am focusing more on a variety of exercise, along with strength training. Today I did the elliptical machine, making sure to have my arms moving most the time. To make it a good workout, I focus on intervals, remaining intense no matter the level. I keep my intensity up by finding music with a good beat that keeps me consistent. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is a good one!

What am I thankful for today?

I am thankful to have a friend who motivates me to achieve my goals. Laura, one of my best friends, has lost almost 4 pounds in two weeks but more important then that, she has made working out a priority and that is making her a strong, healthy individual. I love looking up to strong women!

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