Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The summer is hott...

For birthdays that is!

Seriously, when July hits, I make sure I buy a host of cards and put away a little extra money for treats and gifts!

NOT that treats and gifts are expected, but it is something I personally enjoy doing! So in true Adara fashion, I am late in recognizing, but no less appreciative of these people in my life and the special day they have celebrated in the last two months!

So a big happy birthday to...

My dad Chris
My father-in-law Denis
My brother Michael
My best friend Tonya
My best friend LeeAnn
My cousin Ryan
My sister-in-law Laine
My dog-in-law Fu
My mom Joni
My soon to be cousin Dawson
My best friend Laura (who celebrates her birthday today)

and I will round out my birthday wishes by getting a head start on wishing my Grandma Lainy an early Happy Birthday...she will be celebrating her day of birth on September 3rd!

If I missed anyone, I apologize...please let me know and also understand that keeping track of this many birthdays is fricken crazy! But also a blessing!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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