Thursday, August 4, 2011

August goals....

August is here, and while I wish we weren’t nearing the end of summer, I have decided that instead of loathing it, I am going to rock it! I have some great plans along with some fun goals for the future month! ·

  • Workout at least 5 days a week (doing good thus far!)·

  • Make a bunch of healthy recipes·

  • Watch some movies I have been meaning to watch·

  • Finish the book I started in June (if I was not in school, books would get completed much faster…kind of looking forward to graduating next May!)·

  • Host a bridal shower·

  • Continue to be successful with Weight Watchers·

  • Start flag football and really make an effort to understand what the fudge nugget is going on ·

  • Help Mike prepare to leave for college·

  • Plan a few trips to visit Mike and Tonya· Stay on top of my homework·

  • Go out to breakfast with Chaz a few weekend mornings·

  • Actually bring the pile of clothes that don’t fit to a donation drop off·

  • Plan our next trip·

  • Give my cats a bath (they will hate me, but I will love how they will be so fresh and so clean clean!)

  • Sign up for my next race!

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