Sunday, December 19, 2010

so close...

We are in our new place, with most our stuff put away. Very little is left in the old apartment, and what is, Chaz will move on Tuesday since he is on break. Wednesday I will clean the apartment and leave the keys for the carpet cleaner. I will have to go back to do a check out but I can't wait to be done with it! I am liking our little basement apartment, but I have been enjoying the freedom of having my own place so we'll see how long I last! lol...our goal is to save some money so if we stay her for a while, we will hopefully leave in a stable position but I do look forward to the day we find a place to call our home, whether we buy or continue to rent. I just feel so blessed and thankful to have family that are supportive and allow us this opportunity! I will tell you one thing I will not look forward to and that is moving! Yuck!

So with Christmas right around the corner, we are fairly settled. Our silver tinsel tree adorns the corner, and most our presents have been wrapped with care. This week will find us enjoying family and friends, doing a bit of baking, and finishing up in the apartment! 2010 has been simply wonderful, and more than I could have asked for but I am ready and excited for a Happy New Year!

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