Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So yesterday was a total mess for me! Ah, the stress! I would like to add that being sick never makes anything look good, beside maybe a cup of mediocre chicken noodle soup. Alas, I am feeling much better. I talked with my husband, and like always, he brings me back down to earth. In those moments of stress, everything seems SO FRICKEN HARD AND COMPLTELY UNOBTAINABLE…and then the fog lifts, and you realize you completely freaked over really nothing at all. I say nothing at all because no one died, no one was hurt, and my family and friends are healthy and abundant…I just wish someone would move my apartment for me, and finish my final, and wash my clothes, all so I can wrap my Christmas presents and watch Christmas Vacation…I am selfish!

So yeah, back to reality!

We now have a new little Durgin running around the house. Her name is Kea and she is an all white 10-year-old cat. She was within 24 hours of being put down so we made the quick and exciting decision to take her in. She has a bit of a limp so we will see what the vet says on Tuesday, but her and Faith seem to be growing on one another, which is hard to believe since Faith is a HUGE, SPOILED Princess.

My final is due Friday at 5. I imagine that once that is submitted, and I can spend a great deal of the weekend unpacking, I will go into next week with a clear, and organized head. Additionally, the next two weeks at work are casual which means jeans everyday! Woot woot! Really, what more could I ask for…Oh, I know! The ability to handle stress better!

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