Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For some reason, I am not really in the holiday spirit. It could be because I don’t have my own tree up. I have been so busy moving, I have not wrapped my gifts. I am suffering from a nasty cold and thus have little energy and am living in a fog. I have been stressed, and run down, and it just is not very fun. I imagine things would be different, if I were getting ready for the holidays in my little apartment, where everything was put away and organized, and I could decorate and enjoy my free time. Now my free time is consumed by homework and unpacking and trying to make myself rest to get rid of this cold. I am not really happy, in fact, I am in kind of a funk. Tonight I am going to will myself to wake up feeling better. As much as I try to be a relaxed, carefree individual, sometimes I just can’t help it.

Here is to a brighter tomorrow!

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