Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These are the days of our lives...

When I was younger, and it was summer or we had off school, my parents would get us lunchables. We fricken loved those things. In fact, they would barley make it to the mid way point of the Price is Right. About ten thirty, my sister would go get hers. Being the older more responsible child, I tried to make myself wait till Days of Our Lives, which was on at noon. Rarely did I make it to that point. Those little packages of processed meat and cheese, the wonderful pouch of Capri sun, and of course the delicate portion of Hershey’s candy, my favorite being a Reese’s! I will fill you in on a little secret though. I had one of those marvelous lunchables a few months ago, and really, they are not that good at all…I have no clue why we loved them so much! And yes, I watched Day of Our lives…well before sixth grade. In fact, in sixth grade, my friend Sarah would tape them, on a VHS!, and we would watch after school! I was a cool kid!

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