Thursday, September 2, 2010


So Laura’s Bachelorette party was great! It was a busy weekend but we all managed!

Tonya came down Friday afternoon and that night Laura and Kory came over for a girls night. We played games, ate Grandpa Lane’s wonderful spaghetti, and Kory painted everyone’s finger and toe nails in preparation for the party. She has a hidden talent in doing some cute designs!

Laura headed to work Saturday morning for a little over time while Tonya and I got right to work preparing for the event. We made a cake, fruit salad, got all our stuff ready to haul to R-Lo’s (Laura’s mom!), and were out the door by 1! We made it to R-Lo’s, decorated, and soon people were arriving. It was a great mix of food, drinking, and conversing. And these ladies are crazy so you can imagine the conversations that were taking place!

We played a few games, however some of the girls forgot their game props, and others weren’t really feeling the games, so we just continued to talk, drink and eat! Soon it was time to get on the party bus. The driver was a ridiculous, burly old dude who at every stop told me some girl was getting him going as he creeper through his review mirror….SICK! In my head I was like, “Does he think I would try and set him up with someone? Oh hell no!”

We went to a few bars, did some way too crazy shit in the bus, and we were all pretty much ready to pass out at 1am…we are for sure getting old! It was a great night had by all!

Our dresses arrived about two weeks ago and they are beautiful! I can’t wait to wear mine on her wedding day!

And Labor Day is right around the corner. I am looking forward to the additional day off. I am going to Moorhead to visit Mrs. Tonya but it will still be relaxing! Do some reading, knitting, and movie watching! Maybe even squeeze in a few workouts!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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