Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're gonna win Twins!

Tonight we went to watch the Twinkies in the new stadium! It was our first game this year AND in the new stadium. One word: Amazing!

The entire experience was so cool! The field is just beautiful and bright and of course, the best part, it is outside! And a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree evening only made it better!

We made sure to take in some good Ukrainian fair right away!

Delicious brats and sausages! My ancestors would be proud!

I got this great shot of Alyssa's future husband with in the first few innings!

And a great shot of my husband!

While watching the game OUTDOORS, I was easily distracted by the beautiful skyline of my city!

My parents and bro were at the game too but since they were in a different section, they failed to make it into any of these great shots! I got to take a picture of A-Rod, someone who has probs seen both Madonna and Kate Hudson naked! A highlight of my night for sure!
There were two Twinkies home runs and for each one they shot off some fireworks!
And I ended the night, under the moth filled sky, loving up on the hottest guy in the stadium, watching the Twins kick the Yankees ass!

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