Thursday, October 27, 2011

A weigh in...

I thought it would be beneficial to start tracking my weigh-ins on here! Over the summer and the first part of fall, I have slowly added about 10 pounds back on my frame. It has always been easy for me to fluctuate between a 5-10 pound range all my weight is never consistent, especially if I am not paying attention. That said, I am tracking again, almost 100%. I went over my points this week, but I tracked almost everything. AND, I am down 2.3 pounds this week...just goes to show you that my body did not want the added weight. This weight loss even came after enjoying some triple chocolate crazy good cake at Chaz's Halloween party.

Now I just need to get my workouts back. With a sore knee and a crap load of stuff going on, I have not been consistent...I need to be consistent! I know weight loss is a journey, and we go through hills and valleys. I don't need to loss weight every week, and if I need a day to just indulge, I will, but I will also come back and keep pushing. Moderation is key and if I indulge, then I just need to cut back somewhere else.

Here's to a good week of good eats!

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