Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crap...a new obsession

Today I had almond butter....and I have converted! This business is amazing. So amazing that I had a bagel thin with my other obsession, pumpkin spice cream cheese on one half, and almond butter on the other and when I finished the half with almond butter, I covered the cream cheese side with almond butter too! So good!

I bought a little pack of almond butter at Target so I could try it, but not be out a lot of money if I didn't like it. Any butter other then peanut butter tends to be a bit pricey. I decided to try it since every health food blogger has been blowing up about it but now I need to do a little research and actually figure out how good it is for me or what the benefits are. All I know right now is that it was so good and pretty filling! The little pack I bought was Justine's Maple Flavored almond butter and for the packet, which looked to be about 2 tbsp, it comes out to 5pp. The same about as 2 tbsp's of natural peanut butter! And since I only use 1tbsp, I generally just take 3pp and it is so worth it to get that hearty, full feeling from eating something good for you!

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