Monday, October 17, 2011


It's getting chilly in Minnesota. Not just wake up in the morning and throw your hands in your pockets to get warm chilly, but all day, cold to the bone chilly. That can only mean one thing. Winter is well on it's way.

On this cold October evening, I did what any Minnesotan would do. I took an ice bath to settle my sore muscles. And yes I know, this is not what any Minnesotan would do, but it sure felt great!

Since running the 1/2 marathon this summer, I have dealt with some sore heels, and my right knee kind of hates life. I have read on many blogs about ice baths so I decided to give it a try. I put a few inches of cold water in the tub and added a bowl of ice. I started by only putting my feet in and letting them numb up, and then I decided I would need to sit in the water if I really wanted it to be beneficial for my knee.

I kept my sweater on for warmth and slowly lowered myself into the water. After a few seconds, my body got used to the water, and I was able to sit for a good 10 or so minutes. My muscles felt great! Of course my upper body was a bit tense, bracing against the cold, but I followed my ice bath up with a nice warm bath, complete with eucalyptus Epsom salt.

I know I feel great right now, but hopefully the feeling will last through tomorrow! I guess I will just have to wait and see but I see this becoming a more common occurrence if I actually feel some relief! Here's hoping I can get back on the running train sooner rather than later!

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