Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The past and present collide...

This past weekend in Warroad was a blast. A lot of family and friends, a lot of hockey, and a lot of running around.

Since my dad is from Warroad, and my grandma had flown in from Colorado, we made sure to see a lot of friends! My grandma was pretty much in heaven being able to visit all her friends! And it was such a blessing! While being tiring at the same time. We were up at 7am and hit the sack around midnight! What a schedule!

We even had a chance to visit with some family from Canada!

It was a busy and wonderful trip!

Since coming home, Chaz and I have made the decision to get a cat. A girl, to hopefully avoid any spraying. The name of the cat we are trying to adopt right now is named Faith! Please pray that we are able to adopt! We love the pictures of her and are excited to see where this process takes us. Hopefully her name is a hint at what is to come!

And after a crazy weekend, and a crazy week, I am already looking forward to the weekend! Yeah for tomorrow being Thursday!!!

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