Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good evening Minnesota!

It was a great night in the State of Hockey! The Wild ate the Flames for dinner, sending them home with a 4-1 loss. Chaz and I enjoyed the game, along with a host of french fries, hot dogs, and ice cream! Great night for the new "healthy eating" me! NOT! But come Friday, I will regain my membership to the YMCA! I am taking on the cost of said membership for the better of myself! I love the pool, classes, and the good old fashioned machines! I have been with out my membership for almost a month and I am glad I will be getting it back! My bff Lauraizza is also getting a membership so it will be great to have a work out buddy/motivating partner!!!

Friday will also bring about a new hair "do"! My parents got me a gift card to Aveda for Christmas so I can now get my hair done with out feeling guilty! Prior to the wedding, I was getting my hair done at Aveda on a regular basis. Since my hair is a big pile of wonderful mess, I have come to learn that really only the more natural products that Aveda uses work in my hair. Everything else leaves it dry and icky. But since my wedding, I have no excuse for spending the money, however, I did not want my hair to take a step back by using a product bad for it. So, I have done nothing with my hair, and it shows! But not after Friday! This girl will look like a new WOMEN! Yippee!

I am off to bed now but 2010 is off to a great start! Can't wait to see what else it holds!


LAURA said...

can't wait to see the "do"!

Julie said...

Looking forward to pics!