Friday, July 3, 2015

Opps! Happy 4 Month Birthday baby Tweedle!

Well, life got away from me and I forgot to write your 4 month post.  You'll hit 5 months in a few days so this will mostly be a photo dump!

You did have a 4 month dr appoint, your weight coming in in the 60th percentile and your length in the 98th.  We definitely think you are a long baby!

Month 4 was spent at home in Minnesota.  Most your life has been spent traveling so this was a whole new ball game. 
 You toy with the idea of holding your bottle.
 You love watching tv with dad.
 We've taken you to a few local breweries.

 You practiced sitting up in the bumbo.
 And Mimi tried to take over the boppy.
 You tried out your big girl car seat.
 And enjoyed some beers with dad;)
 You watched the Minnesota Twins.
 Practiced standing, a lot!  You have some strong legs.
 You visited mom's work after she was laid's a good place, with good people.  They just have some work to do.
 You took some naps and of course looked hella cute.  We worked on making sure you had time each day to nap instead of us always running around with you.  You used to not have a schedule but this month you definitely put us all on a natural schedule and we are glad you did!  Now there is nap time and a good bed time routine!

 You took in a St Paul Saints game.
 Celebrated memorial day.
 Enjoyed the camp chair you got from Tonya and Hija for your Baptism.
 We tried some solid food but mostly are waiting until after 6 months.

 We got some good sleep.
 We tried to keep you warm but failed!
You love walks outside and you love facing forward.  We have to wrap a towel around you so you fit in your big girl stroller facing out. 

You were introduced to Merlins Magic sleep suit...we love Merlins Magic sleep suit!  You sleep so good, like you are being cuddled, but we don't have to swaddle you which was getting dangerous as you would kick off the blankets.  (this sleep suit was purchased after a night of you being up almost every hour-the next day we ordered the next size up online!)
 You played with your pal Hootie.
 You road in the grocery cart like a big girl and loved it!  I can not say enough how much you dislike your carseat.

 You celebrated part of your 4 month Birthday with Tonya and Hija.
 And then mom and dad took you home and snapped some quick shots before bed.

Wearing the newborn pea outfit Grandma Terri
made you when you were a newborn.

Happy 4 Month Birthday Bug!  We can not tell you enough how fun it is to watch you grow!  With each new stage, and each new learning, we just fall more and more in love with being parents.  We were lucky enough to evolve into a family of three pretty naturally.  Granted we had Grandma Terri here to help and Grandma and Grandpa Bonnell were over all the time.  We all meshed very well!  But that doesn't mean it was easy.  Being up a lot at night, and having to be someone's constant can be intimidating.  And with both your dad and I being so independent, there was a bit of a learning curve.  And personally, I love how you interact with us now, and how you smile when we walk into a room.  At this point, there have only been two moments where I have been sad to see you grow up so fast.  One was when you hit 1 month-it just snuck up on us!  The other was two weeks ago as I watched you sleep.  You have grown so much!  But most of the time, I am right there with you, enjoying each new milestone! We love you so much little Lady Charleston!

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