Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 3 month birthday Tweedle: Part Dos!

Look at your cute little bug face!  You love to smile and it melts my heart!
This month you had your first non family member babysit you.  But she's pretty much like family so not sure if it counts!
We hung out during hockey weekends in the are a hotel regular now!
We spent more time outside.
And dressing up in our big girl cloths (6 months).
You have been practicing diligently at holding your bottle.  I'm sure in the next few months:)
You picked up a new trait;)
We took another trip to Utah. 

And you spent time alone with Mikey (and he was scared shitless).
You are starting to grab at stuff more and more daily and you love putting items, along with your hands, in your mouth.

We found beer in Utah so there may be potential there!

You got really excited at the thought of living closer to gma and gpa Durgin.

Dad and Mikey took you to your first baseball game, the Bee's.
And then it was back home.  You sure have logged a lot of miles on the plane and I don't blame you for not always liking it.  But you are so good and such a trooper.

We love you so much Tweedle!  looking forward to seeing how you grow in the next month. 

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