Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Under the Wire...36 weeks

I figured I better get this out there as I hit 37 weeks tomorrow!  But let's be real, it's all a guessing game anyways.

Check out those sleep deprived eyes...uffda!

Weeks along: 36.6

Sleep:  Bleh!  I truly dread night time.  I had a Dr.'s appt yesterday and I laid it all out on the table.  I have only been taking 1/4 of a Unisom because I don't want to become dependent and if I take more it makes me drowsy but she said to up the dose so last night I took a half, and slept pretty well.  Well, except for the 1:30 am wake up call of the cat chasing a mouse!  I however successfully caught mouse, relocated to the storage room, went back to pet a bewildered Faith as she had no clue where the mouse ended up, and fell right back to bed.

Miss anything: Alcoholic drinks and eating a full meal...there is just no room at the inn and everything leads to heartburn.

Cravings:  Sweets, peanut butter, apple juice, pickles

Best moment of the week: I would have said the Packer game Sunday had it just ended up better!  But we had a lot of fun with the fam at a local Packer bar so I'll keep it on the list.  And Chaz took some bump pics on Sunday so we will have nice pictures and not just my mirror work that you have all been enjoying:)

A little hike in the woods to get some fun shots!

Movement: Lots of movement and I would have totally guessed baby was breech but she is perfectly settled head down!  Huge win!  I seriously can't describe how good it felt to hear that.  And for some reason, the thought of a c-section never really bothered me.  In fact, I looked at it as keeping some things intact, (and I know it could still happen) but it was a total relief to hear head down.  So I guess the thought of a c-section must somewhere in the back of my mind make me nervous.

Up Next:  Pack Hospital bag and just relax...hopefully we can keep the house mildly clean because I just want to enjoy these last few weeks, catch some movies, maybe have a dinner or two out, and hang out with the hubs, family, and friends.

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